Yes, I missed October but I promise I had reasons

Hello and welcome! Thank you all for being here yet again, let’s get cracking…


This newsletter is late because I have had a horrendous few weeks filled with being burgled, police reports, mobile phones breaking, insurance companies being awful, utilities companies being awful. The works. It seems apparent that we truly are living in the darkest timeline, or at least I am. The only thing getting me through is knitwear.
Amidst the madness I took to cleaning out my closet (less Eminem, more Marie Kondo) to try and alleviate the queasiness that came from knowing a stranger had also rifled through all of this stuff just a few weeks ago looking for my grandma’s engagement ring (which they found) and a selection of novelty brooches (which they did not). I took everything out and decided it all sparked joy. I was in something of a joy drought, after all.
Liberating the jumpers from where I stuffed them haphazardly after moving in, I realised most of the joy came from them. I decided to hang them up and let them sway happily like little woolly ghosts, instead of bunched up underneath a pile of jeans. A little of row of novelty, rainbow, thick-knit, thin-knit, cropped and oversized hugs on a hanger.
Part of the appeal is that they herald the end of the worst season (summer - FIGHT ME) and signal the start of the best season - autumn. As somebody who hates summer dressing with its straps, sandals and potential for burning and chafing I am always thrilled once everyone starts moaning about the cold. It’s my time to shine and by shine I mean swaddle myself in layers of wool.
In America it means that Thanksgiving is approaching, and so, sitting in my burgled flat looking at a phone with no screen waiting for a phone call from an insurer who wouldn’t listen I was thankful for one thing in particular: All of these terrible things happened at a time of year when I could cover myself in blankets, drink hot chocolate and hide my sad face in a giant green turtleneck. Winter is coming, and I’ve ben waiting all year for it.


... that men release better sperm if they think there is a possibly that their partner has been cheating. Which can only mean it’s best to play the field when trying for a baby, right? This fact is courtesy of Sara Pascoe’s new book Sex, Power, Money and I demand you all read it immediately.


It’s been a bad month and I needed lifting up. I nominated Tom Rosenthal to be given the heavy task of stopping my crying, which he didn’t, but he did sing nicely in my ears whilst I did, and I suppose that’s something. I have been listening to his 2011 album Keep a Private Room Behind The Shop on a loop and it’s the most delightfully weird thing I have heard in a long time. It also features more than one Pingu reference which, to anyone who knows me will explain why I fell so deeply in love with it. (I. LOVE. PINGU.)
1.    There Is A Dark Place - When I say have been listening to the album on repeat, I mainly mean this song. Over and over. If you can listen without wildly dancing as Pingu squawks away you are a stronger person than me. A genuine treasure AND my new funeral song (quite the honour when dealing with somebody who thinks about their own funeral as much as I do)
2.    Take Care - will break your heart into little pieces
3.    Away With The Fairies - let’s you shout “EXCEPT FOR ROBERT MUGABE” which is something no other song has ever offered me
“I’m scared of the future, and I am mildly scared of you”
-      The Boy
It’s all charming, but There Is a Dark Place hit me square in the heart, right where I needed it.
Thanks for reading, you absolute gems. If you fancy some more then there is a vintage piece below, otherwise I’ll see you back here next time x


For years there have been articles written about how women were doing feminism wrong. They still exist, of course, because trashy women’s magazines still exist, and websites that tell you how to “snap back to your post-baby-body” still exist, and, regrettably, the patriarchy still exists… [keep reading]

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